Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Product Design Patterns

I have a habit of writing down something whenever I catch myself repeating the same concept to multiple people on multiple occasions. Whenever that happens, I typically write things down and forward a link when the next person comes along.

If you are reading this now, you are probably that person :)

These are some common concepts I have learned regarding the design of software products:

(em construcao)
  1. Mission
  2. Sequencing Strategy: ideas are worthless, execution is all that matters
  3. Minimal Viable Product
  4. Delta of user experience, path resistance
  5. Chicken and egg problem
  6. Will it scale? Fixed costs and marginal costs
  7. Acquisition costs and re-engagement costs (apps vs the web vs bots)
  8. Funding as a last resort
  9. Exit strategies
  10. Team formation
  11. Monetization Strategies
Hope this helps,


PS I have a similar list for engineers in their 20-ies and their 30-ies.